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The Paradoxe film school of acting

Current lessons:

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October to March 2024


Exact times pending


"After basically a year and a half of classes with you i just really want to say thank you for everything you have helped me learn. through you, i have realized my passion not only for acting, but for living. getting out of my comfort zone as much as possible, confrontation and facing problems head-on, learning to see the beauty of humanity and being able to say i love you to another human being. though simple, it was difficult. thank you so much for being a mentor to me and a true inspiration for living life to the fullest as much as possible. i hope you have an amazing time in colombia and i know you will do great things and inspire many just as you did in tunisia. you will be greatly missed!!!"

SOFIA, 14 years old                           Proudly received out of the blue


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behind the scenes

Memorable MOMENTS


I intend to articulate the essence of my boutique acting school by examining the themes I work with, in the context of today’s world: a globalizing, fast-paced society heading in many directions with no idea of the destination. Who I am, what I teach, and what I hope to achieve should be encapsulated in this.

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The Name

I have chosen the name “Paradoxe” because humans are paradoxical in almost every way that matters; We are creatures of contradiction, holding cognitive dissonances in our minds and conflicting emotions in our hearts. Our behaviour is self-destructive in pursuit of something constructive. We are fading beings fighting to solidify and sustain our existence.

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Actors have become the defacto philosophers of our time; Whether they realize it or not, their role is a lot bigger than the films they perform in. Along with the writer and director, their authority is the most influential in today's culture worldwide.

Our job as actors is to study human behaviour, human dynamics, and the emotions and mental states that come with them. In other words, we interpret and clarify how life happens and perhaps, suggest various ways we should live. The philosophical purity here comes not from the fact that "we try different reactions" but rather by placing our genuine and vulnerable selves in various contexts, from which the truth about who we are as human beings emerges.

This is the most pragmatic way to philosophize from a subjective place, It is experience-based; Usually, human experience is inaccessible from an objective, thought-based method. In addition, acting involves a lot of psychology and physiology, which makes this craft a convergence point for something new.


Our Purpose

I believe artists have incurred the responsibility of becoming aware of our impact so as to better process and reflect human development. We are the precursor to political action, and as much as I believe art should be propaganda free, it is a thin line that separates political action and philosophical exploration.

This being said, our purpose, in my opinion, should be to fearlessly explore the changes we experience through the effects of the exponential development of technology. How we evolve and perhaps even the survival of our species possibly depends on our ability to express and communicate our identity. Story-telling seems to have always been our best method to do this.

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Final Thoughts

I am aware that my outlook could be perceived as strange and overly dramatic (ironically). In the end, I believe people watch movies precisely because they resonate with just how dramatic they feel existence and everything in it really is- Think about it: we are conscious beings, experiencing a universe from a tiny blue marble floating in the darkness of space. The mystery and the potential of it all is overwhelming and breathtaking; Our hearts beat in our sinking chests when we feel existential after watching a brilliant performance because we are reminded of the drama which is playing out in the ether somehow…

This is what actors feel, this is what they chase, this is what I teach.


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