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"I don't write, I express.
I don't direct, I guide.
"I don't act, I live.."


The Short Notes

  • Made in Montreal, Canada

  • Currently living in Colombia & Canada

  • Speaks English, French, Spanish, German & some Arabic

Main Talents

  • Acting  (Both film and Theatre)

  • Teaching  (Acting, English & Philosophy)

  • Producing (Films, projects & start-ups)

  • Writing & Directing (Music videos & films)

  • Editing & Colouring (Clips, reels & more)

  • Marketing Consultation (Social media)

For the Curious...

James became an actor while living in Vancouver and quickly grew a talent in many aspects of film, especially writing, directing & teaching. He is fiercely passionate, loyal and hard-working.

Personally, James is the intellectual type, he is quite vibrant and he loves to inspire people. He is also well-traveled and cultured, which is often reflected in his open-mindedness. 

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